Level Up! workplace tutor goes europe

Pan-European training programme for in-company trainers and tutors

Material and Brochures

This is a compilation of all the handbooks, recommendations, policy papers and seminar materials which have been developed during the projects lifetime

e-Learning Platform

This is the online course developed in the project “Level-up! Workplace Tutor goes Europe.” The Seminar has been delivered in a course environment in Irland, Finland, Spain and Germany.

The e-learning platform was used to provide material for the preparation and follow-up of face-to-face seminars. One can find helpful material and together with the Training Course Handbook it provides the possibility to deliver the whole course or parts of it by third parties. It is barrier free, no password is needed. The courses name is “Level up! European Workplace Tutor goes Europe”

Follow the link: http://lerne.igmetall.de/course/view.php?id=41

Training Course Handbook

This handbook is intended for use by VET organisations – training providers and companies – for the purpose of guiding through the implementation of high-quality training course for in-company trainers and other VET personnel that works in the context of real work processes. The handbook aims to enable training providers to design and implement a course similar to the Workplace Tutor training course run in the Level up! project, hereby supporting the exploitation of the project outcomes and spreading the benefits of high-level qualification for VET personnel.

For a look inside follow the link:
Training Course Handbook

Handbook for Workplace Tutors

The handbook is targeted at in-company-Trainers in specific and VET personel in generell. It introduces trainers to the principles and advantages of learning guidance, shows innovative methods and examples to use in practice . It has been delivered in 6 different languages

It has been delivered in 6 different languages

Network Recommendations and policy papers

Network Recommendations on learning guidance in work-based learning

Interest, need and participation in Work-Based Learning (WBL) has steadily increased in Europe in recent years. It is partly a direct response to policy-level targets and priorities, at national and European levels and partly a natural reflection of the changing nature of the workforce, and the workplace, in which we see an ever increasing use of new technologies, growing internationalisation, changing career patterns and greater recognition of the importance of the knowledge economy. (European Commission (2013): Work-Based Learning in Europe. Practices and Policy Pointers) In this brochure we bring you the latest national network developments in the partner countries of the Level Up!, and discuss the roles of the key actors in the implementation of WBL at different levels of education and in different types of organisations and workplaces.

Follow the link: Learning guidance in wbl

Network Recommendations on holistic vocationalism

In the framework of the Erasmus+ project “Level-up – Workplace Tutor goes Europe,” the guiding principles on an extended modern vocationalism – been brought into the debate by IG Metall – were translated into English and adapted to the European VET situation in order to discuss them at European level and establish the relevance for the European VET discussion.

Follow the link: Holistic Vocationalism

Network Recommendations for a new professionalism of in-Company VET personnel

Why do we need a new professionalism for in-company VET personnel and what do we need in order to achieve it? We have spent a long time discussing these questions in various settings and with various experts from different backgrounds and countries in the course of the Level-up project.

Follow the link: New Professionalism of VET personnel

Youth Unemployment and ways to overcome it. The European Experience.

In times of economic recession, employment contracts decrease and unemployment increasesconsiderably. For young people, these periods are doubly problematic: they are not only the firstsin the jobs cuts, but their transition from the educational system to the labor market is practicallyimpossible. This situation causes despair and social instability.This brochure on youth unemployment is the final product of the network debate on this issueand summarizes the results of the first Multiplier Event of the LEVEL UP project which took place inValencia (Spain) on the 8th of March 2016, with the participation of VET professionals and stakeholdersfrom the different countries involved in the project, giving policy recommendations from theperspective of the network.

Follow the link: Youth unemployment

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