The German Multiplier Event on the subject of “Holistic Vocationalism” took place in Frankfurt in Germany on the 29th of May. The Conference was divided into two parts.
After the introduction of the project by the project coordinator Thomas Ressel from IG Metall, head of the sub-department of Education and Qualification Policies spoke on the subject of Holistic Vocationalism and why a vocation means more than a job. He presented the mission statement of IG Metall on the subject. There was a lively discussion about what occupationalism means in different countries and whether it could be useful to agree on European core occupations.

In the afternoon the conference went to visit the area’s biggest provider of vocational education and training. After an introduction to the company the group had a detour around the house. In the end a discussion took place about the importance of learning guidance in vocational education and training.