Nelly2In the early days of the Industrial Revolution the predominant method of training was known as “Sit by Nelly”. Nelly was considered an experienced worker and when the company needed to train someone in her skills they sent them to sit with her until they mastered that task.

As the Industrial Revolution developed and we see the emergence of Scientific Management tasks were broken down into individual steps and the best way of doing the job was identified. Training now moved to Training Departments staffed by trainers who delivered the courses necessary. Was Nelly happy? Maybe she was.

After the Second World War countries, such as Germany and Japan begin to look at the production process differently. The staff were now seen as a valuable part of the organisation and this resulted in Human Resource Management where everyone has training responsibilities.

Was this the return of “Nelly”. Not quite but the Workplace Tutor – Learning Process Guide project aims to create a much more sophisticated Nelly with a greater range of skills and the ability to benefit the organisation, the employees and the community.

Maybe the wheel has turned full circle.