Marja Orpana-Niitlahti will deliver the keynote address to the conference in Kilkenny Ireland on “Quality and Qualification in Training and the role of the Learning Process Guide”. She will also deal with its value to business, other organisations and individuals interested in upward progress within the organisation.

Marja works at Salpaus Further Education Organisation which is a regional college providing vocational education and training, staff development services and general upper-secondary education in the Lahti region of Finland to both natives and immigrants.

The objectives are to:

  • strengthen relations and increase interaction with working life
    anticipate training needs
  • organise preparatory training for curriculum based and competence-based qualifications
  • recognise individual needs and draw up individual study plans
  • contribute to the advancement of regional working life skills

Marja is an expert in Training and Development within industry and has been part of many EU funded projects on the subject.

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